My new home & the true story about blogging — October 10, 2015

My new home & the true story about blogging

If you came here from my twitter link, then you  already properly know who I am and thinking why on earth has her blog link has the code I have recently moved over from blogger to wordpress, I am not sure if this is going to be for sure yet, it depends how I find it and if I enjoy it more than blogger. Back in February I started a blog on blogger called diary of a girl. To be honest I personally think it went really well, I was getting so many comments and all that jazz apart from followers on bloglovin which was upsetting. I think after 4 months I only got 20 followers, I was expecting a lot more as I was getting at least 10 comments on every blog post.

Not having many bloglovin followers wasn’t the only reason why I stopped blogging though, I got bored and I didn’t have any inspiration. I was hoping to blog through the whole of summer every single day, which sounded like an amazing idea, but I had nothing to blog about. I know many bloggers feel like this, but they carry on blogging, but me.. I left my blog alone for a good couple of months.

I kept telling myself, I am going to start blogging again, but I never got round to it. I do enjoy blogging and socialising with fellow bloggers but I just didn’t want to blog, couldn’t be bothered. I was also having problems with blogger and I did contact then but they didn’t get back, so I thought why not try out wordpress, I don’t have many posts on blogger so that’s alright!

Anyway, I am aiming to post every Sunday at 7 o’clock! For now go check out my twitter and follow me by clicking here. I will now be having a look around wordpress and try get a new bloglovin for my next post!

See you guys soon!

Elizabeth x

P.S sorry if this post is a little bit of a ramble kind and not straight… its almost 10 o’clock and I am tired!